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ArkSolut is a serie of visual and didactic applications that includes a large database on architecture, design and contemporary urban landscapes. It incorporates a unique and smart navigation system that have been designed to facilitate any search using filters by author, type and/or place, so that can be used as a reference book, encyclopedia or travel guide.

It is specifically aimed at architects, interior designers, engineers, foreman builders, photographers and artists, but also have a wide general appeal to students and people interested in art, culture and architecture.


We have attempted to create an application that, via its visual richness and structure, helps inspire from the intuition, that is an instrument directly useful within the field of architecture and design. To do this, we need to form the intuitive conscience, in other words, to proceed via a process of continual adaptation. It was not about making a historical choice, but arriving at a carefully thought-through selection.

When beauty inspires us, we allow it to shape our thinking and become one of our resources. The task is to find the implicit forms that embody the aesthetic and thereby be able to develop an architecture characterized by well-being, balance and humanity. Architecture in this sence can behave asnature and via its proportions, compositions and harmony, it can prove to be an inspiration for a better life. This is why we believe that architecture should be experienced sensually and not merely understood as an intellectual practice of building. However, this is not of course to deny that the theoretical approach to architecture is vital in helping us to appreciate purpose, deepen our knowledge of the design process, and see beyond our initial, superficial impressions of a work.

Ultimately, the visual medium is just one of the possible ways via which we may learn how to feel architecture. The photograph has the capacity to capture the space in time: past when is built, present when is photographed, and future when is observed.

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