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ArkSolut·CPH is the first of our applications. It contains works placed mostly in Copenhagen and surrondings but we have also included other locations where there are outstanding works of danish architects. In all 160 works and 94 authors, 1,100 high‐resolution photographs with a wide zoom, 60, 360 º panoramic photographs of urban spaces and interiors and various levels of the works in 2D. It also has a section where you can customize your favorite course or their favorite works, plus a general search section.

Each work is analyzed in detail with numerous photos, links to Wikipedia for more information about the work and the author, as well as links to their own URL. All without leaving the implementation. GPS allows the location by both oneself and for each of the works, allowing you to quickly find those closest to your location. You also have the opportunity to share the work on Facebook or via email.

The new features are the Augmented Reality in all levels and the proposal of 18 tours to help visiting the city and surroundings.

Available languages: Spanish, English and Danish.

Upcoming guides available: Madrid, Valencia, Zurich, Basel, Berlin, London, Paris, etc ...

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